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“When there was only one screen a single-minded approach made sense. We can help you view your marketing for multiple angles.”


Copywriting is a hugely important component of SEO. All currently employed Search Engine algorithms (no matter how sophisticated or how many additional factors are taken into account) use readable text on a page as their basis.

Search Engines perform more accurately for searches that use combinations of words. The more words a user types into a Search Engine, the more likely that the user will be directed to a page deep within the site. For this reason, it is vital to optimise all pages deep within the site structure, particularly if you want visitors landing on them.

Our SEO Keyword Research and Copywriting service allows you to improve your search rankings, while maintaining the quality of your website content.

Our professionally written SEO copy uses the keywords that provide the greatest opportunity for your SEO strategy, without compromising the readability, flow and standard of your content.

Quip Creative can conduct keyword research to determine which words and search terms are most common for your business. They can be product, location and service specific. The research is compiled into a user-friendly document that can be given to anyone who writes future online content for your company.