From content planning to the creation of creative campaigns, Quip Creative can help you take full advantage of online communities and social influence marketing.

The ‘word of mouth’ of today, is waiting for you to get involved, to show your customers what you do best.

We take the time to educate our clients on the relevant strengths and weaknesses of each online opportunity.

Finding the right balance and matching the medium with what’s appropriate for your brand ensures you are maximising your opportunities effectively.

Our Risk Management strategies, such as online user policies, community management policies and campaign risk assessment, enables your staff to better manage your brand’s presence in the online world.

As the name suggests, social media platforms provide an intimate and personal space for users to interact with like-minded users. Companies are often concerned about the level of control that they can maintain over their brand, should they enter the social media space. It’s a challenging rub that sees the opportunity.